What are the benefits and drawbacks of tropical interior design, and how can these elements be incorporated into a space?

Are you aware of this? We are used to the warm climate of the tropical nation in which we dwell. And this tropical design is appropriate, you know, to be adapted to our nation so that we can save money on the usage of air conditioners in areas such as living rooms and other rooms so that we can feel more comfortable and cool all the time.

This Tropical Interior Design also has its benefits and drawbacks, and here are those benefits and drawbacks, respectively:

The following are some advantages of choosing a tropical home design:

  • evokes thoughts of the natural world due to the way it was designed.

The natural aspects of this tropical design can be observed in the numerous elements of natural materials used in the furnishings, such as wood, rattan, and bamboo. Additionally, the area has plants as supporting elements, further emphasizing the natural quality of the design.

  • It is also more comfy and cooler.

Because air can enter the space with more ease, and circulation will be strong, the environment will seem both cooler and more pleasant.

  • Save Energy Usage.

Because there are numerous openings in this tropical design, it is possible to conserve energy indirectly by reducing the need for an air conditioner in the room because the space will naturally get cooler as a result of the design.

  • Prices of the Materials That Are Affordable

Materials that are readily purchased at costs that are inexpensive, such as wood, rattan, and bamboo are materials that, in addition to being simple to maintain and without requiring a lot of money to do so, tend to be very easy to maintain.

  • Developing a Household That Is More Healthy

Because this tropical design makes extensive use of apertures to let in natural light and breezes, the flow of space throughout the home is much improved.

The following are some of the drawbacks of tropical home design:

  • It doesn’t take much to mess up the home.

You probably already know that the implementation of this approach comes with several downsides. Because of the numerous openings in the room that allow the wind to freely enter, the wind can also bring dust and dirt into the house. Because of this, it is imperative that you, as the user, be conscientious enough to clean the room in order to maintain its durability and ensure that it will last for a long time.

  • Because you work with a lot of natural materials, you have to be extra careful in everything that you do.

You must also pay attention to this, as you are probably aware, the humidity here in this subtropical region may become rather high at times. Because of this, we need to clean our furniture on a regular basis to prevent mold growth and to maintain it in good condition. However, there is no need to be concerned in the event that there is damage since materials like as wood, rattan, and bamboo can be readily acquired at rates that are fairly reasonable.

Here! Here are some helpful hints and suggestions for applications indoors:

  • Using natural materials such as wood and rattan in the construction of the product

The use of natural materials, such as wood, rattan, and bamboo, may give the impression that the home is located in a tropical setting. Additionally, the use of these materials can make the house seem cozier, and the ambiance of the room can become more vibrant.

This all-natural material is suitable for use in the construction of furniture, wall panels, floors, and ceilings. Also applicable to many components of the interior decorating of the home.

  • Utilize different aspects of plants in your design.

Plants play a very significant part in this design. This is due to the fact that when plants are present in a space, not only does it become more hospitable, but the atmosphere also becomes more vibrant and lovely. Plants provide a link between humans and the natural world. Plants may be grown in either an indoor or an outdoor setting.

  • If there is enough room, you may put in a swimming pool.

The pool that is included in this layout may either be used for swimming or as a fish pond. This pool not only has the ability to absorb heat with this soda but also to make the environment of the room more relaxing by adding the sound of running water. In addition to swimming, this pool in the outside area of the home may also be utilized for soaking and unwinding.

  • Increasing the Number of Openings and Circulation Areas Within the Home

Because a room with many openings and broad circulation helps the space seem cooler and more attractive, this is one of the main elements in tropical design. A room with many openings and extensive circulation prevents the room from feeling stuffy and humid in this tropical environment.

  • Enhanced Within the House by the Use of Various Decorations and Accessories

Decorations based on this tropical style have the potential to make the environment livelier and more intriguing than it was before. Wall lamps or other wall d├ęcor, such as textile or fabric processing, etc., may be used for the purpose of decoration.

You do realize that you now know how to make the design of your house cooler and more comfortable, right? You are able to accomplish it in stages. Good luck.

Author of the text: Ivan Oentoro (Student of Interior Design Department, Petra Christian University)

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