The Marabunta Restaurant and Bar, a Charmingly Old-Fashioned Historical Structure

Do you enjoy dining at a restaurant that has an ambience reminiscent of buildings in Europe? If this is the case, Marabunta Resto & Bar is a restaurant that you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit. Marabunta Resto & Bar is a restaurant and bar that can be found in Semarang’s Old Town neighborhood. The building that houses the restaurant and bar is designed in the vintage Dutch colonial style, which fits in well with the ambiance of the Old City, which is frequently referred to as the Little Netherlands.

If you are familiar with the history of the restaurant that was established in the year 2020, you will be able to appreciate its historic significance even more. In the time of the Dutch colonial rule, what is now Marabunta Resto & Bar was a theater. There is an inscription that reads “Marabunta Multipurpose Building” on the front of the building, and at the very top of the structure are two enormous sculptures of red ants. These statues are the building’s signature emblems. In addition, there are ghost tales that have been passed down through the generations in this neighborhood, which contribute to the building’s heightened air of antiquity now that it has been abandoned for such a long period.

Marabunta Resto & Bar is the name given to the establishment that was created as a result of the Marabunta Building finally undergoing extensive renovations after a period of many years. Large white pillars and colorful art glass will welcome you when you enter the restaurant’s drop off area for the first time. These will be the first things you see when you enter the building. You will be greeted by the receptionist, who will then show you the way through the wide brown door on the right and into an even more spacious chamber.

A bar with tables constructed of marble and wood, high chairs, and yellow lamps placed along the edges of the tables can be found at the front of the building. In front of the bar there is a shared eating space that consists of many brown tables and chairs. This area is bordered by a wooden wall that has plants and accent lighting on it. A lobby with a higher ground level can be found to the right and left of the general eating room. Within this lobby is a dining space that is designated specifically for groups. The utilization of circular dining tables and sofas, in addition to pillars and plants on the table boundaries, creates an environment that has a more intimate and private sense here.


Marabunta Resto & Bar has a restaurant concept, but the eating room is designed to resemble more like a theater or performance venue, despite the fact that the structure has always been used as a restaurant. This may be deduced from the fact that there is a little stage made of wood located at the far rear of the dining room. This stage serves as a live music area where guests can be entertained while they eat. The Marabunta performance facility is giving off an appearance that is becoming increasingly robust as a result of the addition of a little balcony and theatrical curtains to the stage’s design.

When you are inside the room, you won’t be able to ignore the ceiling that is above it. To this day, one of the aspects of Marabunta Resto & Bar’s interior is comprised of the textured wooden ceiling and the decorations that are hung on the skylights. Do not pass up the opportunity to see the big artglass windows and “worn” windows that line the walls of the building and give it an air of antiquity. This restaurant exudes an air of opulence and welcome thanks in large part to the predominance of the color yellow in the lighting.


The architecture and interior design of this place are both attractive, but the cuisine and drinks that are offered here are just as unique. The Marabunta Resto & Bar in Semarang offers a diverse selection of food and drinks, including both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as traditional Indonesian cuisine, western cuisine, desserts, and a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

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