The Library Coffee and Pastries is a One-of-a-Kind Cafe That Encourages an Attitude of Learning

Already familiar with, this particular coffee shop? The Library Coffee & Pastries café is a highly distinctive idea that sets it apart from other cafes; specifically, it is a cafe that incorporates a library within its space. Tower D1, Jalan Pakuwon Indah Kav.3-5, Babatan, Wiyung District, Surabaya is the specific address of this café. It can be found in the western part of the city of Surabaya. The restaurant is open every day from 7 am till 9 pm.

When you enter the cafe, you will be met on the right side with the café’s distinctive picture place. This photo spot is built of fake leaves and accented with wall text, making it incredibly instagramable. Looking at this particular vantage point in the photograph may also induce feelings of peace, relaxation, and revitalization in the viewer.

This particular coffee shop stands out from others since, contrary to what one would assume from the name of the establishment, it really contains a library. This café provides a relaxing place for patrons to hang out at the library.

This establishment’s walls are entirely covered with shelves that have been put together in an orderly fashion and hold a variety of books. There is a diverse selection of books available for you to read, ranging from novels written in Indonesian to information books, comic books, and periodicals, as well as novels written in English.

You won’t mind spending a lot of time at this café because of how cozy the environment is, and the space has a lot of aesthetic appeal, so you’ll feel right at home here. This restaurant makes extensive use of wood in its decor, contributing to the overall impression of a warm and welcoming living space for customers. This café is not only frequented for the purpose of reading books, but also for the completion of projects and for the simple act of dining.

There is also a VIP lounge at this café, which has very plush seating and an aesthetically pleasing design throughout. This space is perfect for gatherings such as family dinners or business meetings since the ambiance is friendly and inviting, making it conducive to chit-chat and lighthearted banter. And with a space that is spacious enough to accommodate all of your different gatherings. The presence of plants in one of the room’s corners contributes to the really relaxing ambiance that can be found in this space.

Another one of this cafe’s standout features may be discovered just inside the door leading to the VIP section. This door is circular in design, and on the right and left sides, there are wood panels on which books may be displayed, as well as leaves that decorate the entry.

Eat and drink at your leisure with the Library’s selection of delectable treats and refreshing beverages. There is a selection of beverages offered, including several kinds of coffee, tea, juice, milk, and others. In the same way, there are appetizers, main meals, and desserts when it comes to food. To name a few examples: salads, spaghetti, fried rice, sandwiches, pastries, and even noodles. In addition, the price that is being given is not too expensive, making it suitable for the budgets of students.

Let’s give The Library a go for those of you who are interested in learning more about it. You will definitely get hooked to being there and will have the feeling of being at home there.

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