Hotel Episode: Integrating Traditional Elements with Contemporary Design Elements in the Interior

One of the most fascinating aspects of the Indonesian state to talk about is the wide variety of traditions and practices that are specific to each individual area. Culture in Indonesia demonstrates that each region possesses its own identity in terms of uniqueness and diversity, and as a result, it becomes the pride of the Indonesian state, which is a multicultural country. [Culture] in Indonesia demonstrates that each region possesses its own identity in terms of uniqueness and diversity As more time passes, the Indonesian culture that exists today is gradually disappearing due to the introduction of cultural influences from other countries. As a consequence of this, people in Indonesia are currently adopting trends from other countries’ cultures because they are believed to be more progressive and keep up with the times.

The Disappearance of Regional Culture in Contemporary Architectural Designs

This diminishing culture also has an effect on the application of room interior design, which is significant given that in ancient times, buildings in Indonesia more or less certainly had cultural elements both buildings and interiors, such as ornaments/wood carvings, elongated roof ridges, and so on. Today, however, these architectural features are becoming increasingly rare. But for the time being, many buildings are created in a contemporary manner such as a minimalist design style that does not apply any cultural ornamentation to ensure that the appearance of the space is simpler and more universal and can be used to the majority of different building design styles. Therefore, for the time being there is a need for awareness on the part of the Indonesian people to conserve Indonesian culture in order to ensure that it does not go extinct and that it is better understood by nations outside of Indonesia.

Detailed Information Regarding the Hotel Episode Gading Serpong

Episode Hotel, which is located in Gading Serpong, is one example of the application of cultural preservation in buildings in Indonesia today. The hotel represents the original culture of Banten, namely Baduy and Peranakan, which is then combined with a modern style with the aim of providing awareness to the public about the importance of maintaining and preserving local Indonesian culture so that it continues growing and is known by the whole world. One of the hotels that is a part of JHL Collections is called Hotel Episode Gading Serpong. It is situated in a neighborhood that provides convenient access to the Indonesia Convention Center (ICE), AEON Mall BSD, and Summarecon Mall Serpong.

Integration of Regional Art and Architecture Into Hotel Interior Design Episode

The notion of having a unique room on each level demonstrates how culture may be applied; specifically, the even floors have a Baduy theme, while the odd floors have a Peranakan theme.

There is a piece of woven wood in the Concierge Lobby that was influenced by the traditional Baduy woven cloth and has a pattern known as “Adu Mancung.”

Almost all of the areas that take their design cues from the meandering Cisadane river have the use of wooden ornamentation.

In the inside of the room that has the culture of Baduy as its subject, there is a peculiar Baduy akin that is hanging on the head, and the room utilities in the shape of glasses and kettles are also constructed in an appealing fashion.

The Hotel’s Service and Facilities: The Gading Serpong Episode

In addition, this hotel has a restaurant known as Babah Ramu Dine & Bar, which provides guests with the opportunity to sample regional specialties from the Banten, Sundanese, and Peranakan culinary traditions.

Facilities such as the Sandjong Spa, which is also supplied and is a unique fusion of Baduy and Peranakan traditions, are provided in addition to the gastronomic pleasures that are offered. This hotel provides guests with a variety of room options to choose from, including deluxe, premiere, executive, junior suite, and family suite accommodations among others.

The Importance of Keeping Regional Traditions Alive in Architectural Designs

The hotel’s interior design serves as a fresh source of motivation that local culture, so long as it is persistently protected and integrated with contemporary design trends, is capable of progressing, and that cultural identity in Indonesia is also becoming more robust. The necessity of keeping local culture as the primary basis in the life of the country and state because a nation will only be successful if the cultural values it has are deeply ingrained in the lives of its citizens. The people of Indonesia will be able to demonstrate to the rest of the world their profound affection for their own place thanks to this.

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