Have any products that are unused? Used items may serve several purposes, including as functional and attractive interior decorations.

Do you know? In the process of arranging and decorating an interior design, the use of new items is not the only option. We can use and make use of used items through the application of the 3R method, which stands for reuse, reduction, and refunctioning. Additionally, you can use used items to make room decorations, which will make your home look even more appealing.

Other sources, which are not always valuable but sometimes are, are an option for us to consider when it comes to the development of spaces.

1. Eco Printing

In order to create eco printing, you will need cotton, silk, or canvas, and you will also need to prepare various leaves, such as teak leaves, vinegar water, a combination of alum and water, paralon pipes, ropes, and pans.

The image that can be seen above is a step-by-step guide to the process of eco printing that was created in collaboration with the locals of “Nginden herbal village, Surabaya, East Java.”

Not only that, but Eco Printing Fabrics may be utilized as room decorations or interior complements such as blankets and other interior design complements. This is another usage for these fabrics outside their use in interior design (Pillows for Beds, Chair Pillows and others)

2. Empty glass bottles that are in good condition can be used as lighting for ornamental purposes.

Did you know that empty glass bottles may be used as lamps and other forms of illuminating decor? You can turn waste glass bottles into a piece of art for the bedroom of your dreams just by adding a power wire to the mix after utilizing the bottles.

When it comes to creating, we also need to consider the surrounding environment and the durability of the furniture we create so that it can compliment interior design.

in order for the things that we create to be able to benefit the environment and to make the lighting in the room look more aesthetically pleasing.

3. Used tables and chairs may be useful pieces of furniture in their own right.

Do you have a chair that’s been damaged in your house? You are able to fashion new pieces of furniture to fit in your house. One illustration of this would be a one-of-a-kind and fascinating bookcase.

It can be seen in the picture up top, which is an early example, initially using used chairs, broken folding chairs, used wooden chairs, and also using damaged items such as broken tables that are not suitable for use but can be used to create one-of-a-kind creations that are worthy of use because these items can have life. The life of an item of furniture that had been deemed unusable in the past is referred to as its old span.

However, when we construct an item out of a mixture of used products into a work such as interior design furniture, not only does it become worthy of reuse, but it also fits into the interior design of your living room or bedroom with the work that we make.

4. Fabric that was previously unused is transformed into shibori fabric and utilized to match the d├ęcor of the space.

Do you have any simple cloth that hasn’t been used? Friends, don’t worry; in order to produce cloth using the shibori technique, all you need is some old plain fabric, some synthetic colors, some lantex gloves, some salt, some vinegar, a burner, a pot, a needle, some thread, and some chopsticks.

By utilizing these materials, you will be able to make shaburi utilizing the folding technique (Itajame Shibori), the pinch technique (Tanoko Shibori), the chopstick twisting technique (Kumo Shibori), the sewing technique (Kumo Shibori), the rubber binding technique (Miura Shibori), and the final technique. Twist of the Shabori (Arashi shibori)

Did you know that Shibori is a method that uses dye or binding to decide a motif? Shibori is particularly popular in Japan because of its ability to create unique designs.

Not only that, but Shibori may also be used as an accessory to accent interior design elements such as curtains, blankets, and other items.

How have you been? Are you ready to make something one-of-a-kind by repurposing goods that haven’t been used?

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