5 Ideas for Home Decor You Can Steal from Korean Dramas

1. Despite this, the drama has a contemporary design for the inside of Yu-chamber. Nabi’s

The interior design of Yoo Na Bi’s room is contemporary and has an open floor plan, giving the impression that the room is larger and more pleasant than it really is.

This room’s design also makes extensive use of various bright color highlights, such as white on the walls and light brown wood accents, which contribute to the feeling that the area is both big and aesthetically pleasing. This wooden accent will make the area more comfortable and matched, since the hardwood floor is one of the defining characteristics of an interior designed in the Korean style.

When creating a space, factors that need to be addressed include things like the selection of furniture and its arrangement, particularly if the room is on the smaller side. The space behind the bed can function as a cabinet for us, just as it does in Yoo Na Bi’s room, so we may use it to store items or put them on show. In order to make better use of the space, we may also store things in the area beneath the stairs.

2. The room that Lim Joo-Kyung inhabited in the Korean drama “True Beauty” had an eclectic interior design idea.

Due to Lim Joo Kyung’s adorable persona and the fact that she is a fan of comics that are in the horror genre, the antique gothic interior theme is a fitting choice for the setting.

A bedroom style that is aesthetic, warm, attractive, and not boring to accompany a day spent in the WFH room has been successfully presented thanks to the successful application of the vintage gothic style, which was combined with vintage floral motifs and the dominance of purple or pink ornaments that have quite dark tones.

3. Yoo Hye-bedroom Jin’s in the drama Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha has a contemporary and minimalist interior design idea.

The interior design of this room, which belongs to the doctor’s mother, is based on the contemporary minimalist idea. This style is distinguished by the use of basic furniture in subdued hues and the use of neutral colors and components such as warm wood.

In addition, the prominence of marble materials and gold hues, which create an opulent air even in the most basic of homes, are defining characteristics of the contemporary environment. The usage of this interior design idea also symbolizes the character of Yoo Hye-Jin herself, who is a dentist who strives for excellence and hails from a large metropolis.

4. The use of a gothic style interior design in the television show It’s Okay Not to Be Okay’s character Ko Mun-room Yeong’s

In this drama, the appearance of the cursed castle where Ko Mun Young spent his youth and where the action takes place captured the attention of fans of Korean drama. This interior, decorated in a gothic manner, conjures up images of a castle straight out of a storybook.

It had never occurred to me before that the rooms in Korean dramas would not always be decorated in pastel hues. You may create an environment similar to that of Ko Mun-chamber Yeong’s if you enjoy things that have a gothic and old feel to them.

The use of dark furnishings and an abundance of antiques are two defining characteristics of the gothic design aesthetic. The employment of pointed ornamentation on the roof dome, windows, and doors is one of the defining characteristics of the Gothic architectural style. On Ko Mun Yeong’s bed, we can observe that there are pointed decorations, which perfectly reflect the gothic notion.

Because it is often connected with horror tales, many of you have the opinion that this gothic style appears really frightening. Even if this dismal vision is being used, your area could really appear more sophisticated.

5. The idea of a straightforward and demurely decorated space that was Seo Dal-bedroom Mi’s in the play Start Up

A dogged and bright individual, Seo Dal Mi was born into an impoverished household but managed to pull herself up by her own bootstraps. This character is incorporated into an interior design idea for the area that has a straightforward and welcoming appearance. The choice of pastel hues creates the image of a soothing and pleasant place, which is perfect for Seo Dal Mi.

The use of pastel wall paint colors results in an environment that is delicate and feminine. You may want to have a look at this Seo Dal Mi room design if you’re interested in creating a space that is both elegant and uncomplicated on the inside.

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